Individual tuition by visio

How do I know my teacher will suit me?


The learner-teacher match with ALFIA

Learning a language is all about good communication and motivation. To achieve this alchemy it is essential to work with the right teacher. An in-depth interview before each course helps to get the right match.

During the initial evaluation, I will be able to express my needs and talk about the way I learn: do I need direct instructions? / do I respond better to flexibility? / do I need a teacher who can give explanations in my mother tongue?
The evaluator can then assign a teacher to fit my personal criteria.

I will have the same teacher for at least 20 hours of tuition so that from lesson to lesson, the teacher can really focus on overcoming my weaknesses and building on my strengths. If the course is long, consultation at regular intervals between myself, my teacher and my evaluator will determine if a change of teacher would be positive.

For some learner profiles ALFIA assigns a main teacher and a secondary teacher. The main teacher guarantees coherent course progression and from time to time contact with a secondary teacher complements the course with a different accent and approach.

If for whatever reason, my coach and I don’t ‘click’ , I can contact my evaluator to arrange a change of teacher.