Speaking English is Fun

Individual tuition by phone or Skype


    Learn efficiently = a great teacher with a motivating approach – makes all the difference !


    • listen: progressive exercises
    • read: review and consolidate
    • speak: regular interaction with a native English teacher 

    ALL LEVELS from beginner to advanced

    Clear, structured learning materials adapted to my level:

    • beginner: my teacher can give explanations in my native language 
    • intermediate: refresh basics, become more at ease, make progress
    • advanced: maintain my level, extend my vocabulary, interact at a high level of proficiency


    One-to-on sessions with an assigned teacher : 30, 45 or 60 mintues.
    Each sesson comprises varied interaction including reading and pronunciation practice, guided dialogues, listening comprehension, topic-based discussion and informal conversation

    Self-study tasks set by the teacher for the learner to work on between each session to consolidate the session just taught and prepare the session to come. 

    • listening exercises: audio memory, become familiar with different accents 
    • reading texts and articles: recognise vocabulary, understand meaning, memorize sentence construction, improve spelling
    • writing tasks:  emails, summaries, reports
    • grammar exercises: understand how to use different tenses, study sentence construction

    Good self-study input = quick progress

    • speak comfortably with my teacher, I already know the vocabulary
    • concentrate on improving pronunciation and fluidity
    • the teacher can focus on specific areas that need improving and set useful exercises for next time

    When I progress I’m motivated. When I’m motivated I progress

    Fun When learning is a pleasure: energy and progress

    An assigned qualified teacher with a lot of experience

    Excellent materials, adapted to level and specific needs

    Means Progressive, structured input based on learning objectives
    Content Covers all language levels and a wide variety of professional needs
    Blended-learning Self-study between each session optimizes progress = excellent return on investment
    Resources Multi-media online access via PC, tablet, smartphone to audio, reading, exercises
    ALFIA Specialist in structured distance  language-learning


    A powerful way to improve oral communication skills

    • optimal concentration
    • increases speed of reaction during interaction
    • increases speed of understanding
    • enhances memory


    • conf call ou video-conference practice with several learners from the same company organised alongside or as an alternative to one-to-one tuition.

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