English for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Individual tuition by phone or Skype

ALFIA has a structured approach. It focuses on oral communication, improves written language if necessary, includes general vocabulary and/or vocabulary specific to my job

Each course is personalized following a 15 minute telephone/Skype conversation with ALFIA’s course manager: please leave me a message or call me on +33 1 84 18 01 70.


  • acquire and use vocabulary specific to the field of pharmaceuticals
  • review grammar and use sentence constructions at levels B1 and B2 to communicat orally.
  • improve listening comprehension
  • improve written English if relevant


be able to communicate with suppliers, medical staff, during audits in diverse contexts including substance discovery, quality assurance and auditing, clinical trials, drug safety and regulatory affairs, production and packaging

  • provide information, introducing oneself, one’s field and projects, summarizing action points, writing job ads. .
  • ask about drug discovery and drug development, talking about time periods, asking for and giving opinions.
  • inform and ask questions during an audit, suggesting corrective action, discussing SOPs
  • describing a process, get information, make suggestions, request information and respond directly.
  • reporting adverse events, discuss the causes of SAEs, ask about implications about a drug, give advice, give strong warnings
  • expressing moments in time, give instructions, describe a process, give presentations.


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