English for Management

Individual tuition by phone or Skype

ALFIA has a structured approach. It focuses on oral communication, improves written language if necessary, includes general vocabulary and/or vocabulary specific to my job

Each course is personalized following a 15 minute telephone/Skype conversation with ALFIA’s course manager: please leave me a message or call me on +33 1 84 18 01 70.


Acquire vocabulary and registers of language to be able to:

  • understand and speak in meetings, conf calls
  • speak clearly and precisely
  • express complex ideas
  • understand faster and deduce implicit meaning
  • improve written English


Manage teams in an international environment.  Competencies are acquired according to priority areas of interaction depending on each individual.  These include being at ease to:

  • start and end informal conversations, check information
  • talk about projects, run update meetings, talk about actions and achievements
  • talk about innovation, present ideas using language to express ability
  • talk about plans, decisions and predictions, plan arrangements and respond to invitations
  • participate in decision-making meetings
  • report information in an impersonal way, talk about outsourcing
  • negotiate with colleagues and make requests
  • talk about start-ups, ask for help, avoid saying ‘no’, talk about past recent activities
  • talk about technology, deal with problems on the phone, use phrasal verbs
  • talk about change, give balanced arguments, talk about the probability of future activities and developments
  • talk about data, describe trends, report what someone has said
  • talk about cultural differences, describe past events and news
  • evaluate performance and raise issues, talk about imagined past actions and results
  • talk about career development, discuss interview questions
  • written exercises if relevant



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